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Studio Nostra is made up of Mery and Javi, a couple of graphic designers, web and audiovisual creators. After studying different degrees (Audiovisual Communication and Systems Engineering) we coincided in the same master’s studio where we specialised as designers. Our strengths turned out to be complementary, so we started working as a creative duo something out of the ordinary. The passion for copywriting, photography and paper joined the digital, web and video universe.

After several years working hand in hand, we rescued the idea of a design studio that was once a master’s degree project and turned it into something real. Thus Studio Nostra was born, a place where design is placed at the centre as a communication tool. From here small and big ideas of branding, web, graphics, photography, video and communication are born.

We develop projects where aesthetics and functionality merge into one, working with flexibility and agility. We pour the perfectionism that characterises both of us into each element to give it a professional finish, no matter how small the project may be.

Studio Nostra is a graphic and audiovisual design studio that creates complete projects, specific graphics and coherent and transversal content for on and offline platforms. To work with us, you can leave us a message or write to us at hello@studionostra.com

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