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Ibercaja Foundation

Documentary with interviews and aftermovie

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ibercaja Foundation in Guadalajara, a documentary was made, integrating interviews and audiovisual material filmed in their spaces, as well as photographs and clippings from the Foundation’s library. The documentary, divided into sections, tells the story of its trajectory in the city of Guadalajara, Spain, and the experiences that different persons had thanks to them.

The main challenge of this project consisted in filming a large number of testimonies and their subsequent editing, which had to address topics relevant to Ibercaja Foundation while being agile and entertaining during its projection at the anniversary gala.

In addition, during this 30th anniversary celebration, an aftermovie of the event was made, summarising what happened on that special evening with important personalities from Ibercaja, Ibercaja Foundation and the province.

El Baúl de Sueños

Documentary with interviews

After designing the identity and together with the elaboration of the graphic universe of the event El Baúl de Sueños, a documentary was made. It narrates the trajectory of the Salesians Guadalajara Theatre Group. The documentary, 40 minutes long, involved the big challenge of recording interviews, viewing and selecting audiovisual material from more than twenty years of theatre, as well as animated graphics and voice-over.

The project began with an original script of topics to be included in the documentary, and the subsequent production and recording of interviews in different areas of the theatre. This was followed by an exhaustive viewing of the group’s entire career. The editing covered the relevant points in their history, from technical challenges to emotional memories. The interviews alternated with images from the group’s archive, in a dynamic montage filled with surprises. The final touches consisted of animated graphics, a sound design that transports us to each musical and a voiceover linking the different seasons.

You can see more about this project at identity and branding and graphic design.

The Greatest Showman

Musical trailer and behind the scenes

For the presentation of The Great Showman by the Salesians Guadalajara Theatre Group, a trailer of the musical was made, recording scenes in the theatre itself with the cast. The cinematographic touches and a sound design that gives a glimpse of the musical’s soundtrack, together with the voices of the actors, invite the audience to visit “the greatest show”.

In addition, as a finale after the end of the performances, a video was shot to capture the dizzying rhythm behind the curtains of the musical. This summary shows the whole team involved and the values of companionship and collaboration that characterise this amateur group.

You can see more work done for this musical at identity and branding, graphic design and photography.


Event summary videos

Different aftermovies that summarise the atmosphere of sports dance competitions, music events and parties. Videos in vertical and horizontal formats to adapt to different uses, such as screens, social networks, tv. A striking aesthetic, with a strong musical line and b-roll style editing.

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